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Curriculum and Instruction

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Marcia Rosenbusch

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Linda Quinn Allen

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Leland L'Hote


Heritage language speakers (HLS) in Iowa have increased annually in recent years due to the growing number of immigrants moving into the state. According to the English Language Learners Report of 2001, English language learners of Hispanic descent have increased by 636.3% between the school years of 1985-1986 and 2006-2007 (Iowa State Board of Education, 2007, p. 64).;Although some educators and members of the public might view HLS in public schools as problematic because of their need for English as a second language (ESL) classes, these unique learners can also be viewed as an asset. HLS possess knowledge of more than one language and culture, skills that monolingual students taking a world language work to attain.;The purpose of this study is to explore the strategies secondary Spanish teachers in Iowa currently use to teach the increasing number of HLS who enroll in their classes. This study also explores obstacles that the teachers face in their classrooms. Because there is little research that addresses HLS taking secondary Spanish classes in Iowa, there is a need for such a study.;Four Iowa secondary Spanish teachers teaching HLS in their classrooms were interviewed and observed and the data was analyzed with a basic interpretive qualitative approach. The results of this study indicate that secondary Spanish teachers in Iowa are using strategies recommended by research, but to a varying degree. However, more research is needed on a larger scale to more fully understand the strategies that secondary Spanish teachers in Iowa are using when teaching HLS.



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