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Doctor of Philosophy


Family and Consumer Sciences

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Yvonne S. Gentzler


The purpose of this descriptive case study was to trace the evolution over a five-year period (2001-2006) of the Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS) Education graduate program at Iowa State University that was offered using an alternative delivery model and given the name Family and Consumer Sciences Education Leadership Academy. The qualitative case study approach was the research method employed to explore why and how the Academy model was conceptualized, developed, and implemented and to reveal how involvement in the FCS Education graduate program impacted participants in both their personal and professional lives.;The primary source of data included semi-structured interviews with resident faculty, university administrators, Advisory Board members, visiting scholars, and graduate students involved in the program. Documents were also retrieved as a secondary method of data collection. Analysis of the data collected from the interviews and from the documents provided an historical and descriptive account of the FCS Education graduate program's transformation from a traditional delivery method. Additionally, the study revealed the conceptual framework upon which the Academy model was designed. Themes emerged which offered insight into the personal and professional experiences affected by one's participation in the FCS Education graduate program. Participants experienced an increased level of commitment to the profession; expanded their horizons and experiences; established a professional network and connection with colleagues; felt a need for self-reflection of one's professional practice; and enhanced their leadership philosophy and ability.;As a result of this study, lessons were learned about leadership, collaboration, graduate education in general, and about the FCS Education Leadership Academy model. These lessons prompted implications for leadership development within the FCS profession and suggestions for future research and practice.



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