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Doctor of Philosophy


Family and Consumer Sciences

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Yvonne S. Gentzler


Several states have mentoring and induction programs to assist beginning family and consumer sciences (FCS) secondary teachers as they adapt to the rigorous demands of their chosen profession. Though these programs are helpful, many beginning teachers find themselves feeling isolated and overwhelmed with the challenges that they face in the classrooms. There are many indications that beginning FCS teachers are leaving the classroom due to these frustrations and a lack of support, contributing to a shortage of secondary FCS teachers. The primary purpose of this study was to identify existing programs designed to mentor beginning secondary teachers in FCS education. The secondary purpose of this study was to conceptualize a model that can be implemented nationwide for mentoring beginning secondary teachers in FCS education. The samples in this study included FCS state departments of education administrators, FCS teacher educators, a beginning FCS teacher focus group, and a focus group of FCS professionals. The administrators and teacher educators responded to a survey describing mentoring and induction programs that were being used in their states. The beginning teacher focus group described what it was like to be a new FCS secondary teacher. The study revealed that beginning FCS secondary teachers felt isolated from other FCS teachers and frustrated with the large workload and responsibilities. These beginning teachers also suggested that additional assistance with lesson planning, pedagogy, and management techniques would enhance their teaching practices. Participants in this study indicated that a national mentoring model involving the use of technology would further assist beginning secondary FCS teachers. After the data were analyzed, a mentoring model was conceptualized. The model will be presented as a Web site called



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