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Doctor of Philosophy


Physics and Astronomy

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Alan I. Goldman


The x-ray magnetic scattering (XRMS) intensities of the Gd, Tb, Dy, Ho, Er, and Tm L2,3 edges were investigated using two isostructural samples [Gd1/4Tb1/4Dy1/4Ho 1/4]Ni2Ge2 and [Gd1/3Er1/3Tm 1/3]Ni2Ge2 in order to elucidate systematics in the underlying resonance process. Taken together with theoretical linearized augmented planewave (LAPW) calculations employing LDA + U, we found that the XRMS intensity at the heavy rare-earth L edges is strongly related to the 4f-5d exchange interaction and that the branching ratio arises from the effects of spin orbit coupling in the 5d band. For Gd, the 4f-5 d exchange interaction is large and dominant over not only the spin orbit coupling but also other interactions. Therefore, the XRMS intensity of Gd L3 and L2 edges most closely reflects the state of 4f moments.;In the pure GdNi2Ge2 compound, large antiferromagnetic (AFM) domains were found, comparable to the x-ray beam size. Single domain scattering was measured carefully with a very small beam size for various azimuth angles and temperatures. From this measurement, a second transition at 16 K in bulk measurements was identified as a transformation from a collinear squared-up structure at high temperature, to a tilted helical structure below 16 K. Since the XRMS scattering cross-section is strongly dependent on the magnetic moment direction, the AFM domain structure was imaged by the XRMS intensity.;From single domain scattering data, the ratio of the spin moments in the collinear and the spiral structure of GdNi2Ge2 at the second magnetic transition temperature were derived and used to estimate the magnetic anisotropy energy of Gd. Surprisingly, the estimated magnetic anisotropy energy of Gd in this compound is much higher than that of pure Gd metal (about a order of magnitude). This is expected to be the effect of the anisotropy in 5d conduction band. More theoretical study is necessary to understand this observation.



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