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Curriculum and Instruction

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Joanne Marshall

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Sharon Drake

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James Scharff


Financial equity among school districts across the country has been studied for many years. Research has given mixed reviews that increased funding will equate to higher student achievement. As educators and legislators debate the adequacy and equity of funding for all schools across states and the country, having a strong foundation of research in which to base the discussion is crucial. School funding models must be studied to ensure that all students have an opportunity for an equitable and adequate educational experience.;The purpose of this study was to take a look at the Iowa school funding model and the relationship within the model that pertains to the instructional support program and student achievement. Information was gathered from the 2006--2007 school year for student achievement and school finance for all 365 school districts in Iowa. From this information several factors were analyzed based on student achievement, in which test scores for 4th grade students on the Iowa Test of Basic Skills (ITBS) was used as the measure for student achievement. Several variables were used on the school finance side to gain insight into both property wealth and socioeconomic status (SES) of students within each district. The instructional support program was the primary focus when addressing the participation levels and tax rates surrounding the program. Several statistical models were set up to examine the relationship between student achievement and school funding in Iowa.;Findings revealed no statistically significant relationship between the instructional support program and student achievement. In addition to these findings, previous research was reinforced indicating that school districts with a larger population of low SES students tended to have statistically lower student achievement. Last, as school district enrollment increased the relationship with student achievement was negative. This study should be revisited with current data on a regular basis to determine if any changes occur in the relationship between the instructional support program and student achievement.



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