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There exists a group of people known as the Winged who live in a city called Colonia, nestled in the mountains and by a high stone wall. The humans don't know about them, but the Winged were actually once humans themselves. The Winged life seems utopian. They don't age or get sick, they live in utter peace with each other, and they are free to do whatever they want with their lives. The only requirement their unofficial leader, Scio, mandates is that they task more humans by turning them into Winged. At one hundred and twenty years old, Anagnorisis is one of the older Winged living in Colonia. When he decides to seek out his final task without permission from Scio, he sets into motion events that will change the course of the Winged's history forever. A new Winged by the name of Revelation will unexpectedly and violently turn against them. Revelation is cold, unstable, and merciless, picking them off one by one in the name of unspoken revenge. The passive Anagnorisis will have to decide whether or not to step in to save his people. But once he discovers the truth about the Winged, he may not want to.



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