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John Biguenet once said that "language is a contract between a group of people on what to keep silent about." The implication then, is that language as well as culture - which can be defined as an agreement between a group of people about the way in which they live - are inextricably related; that the issues to which one gives voice, the labels, stereotypes, and vocal behaviors are related to the culture in which one exists. In moving - whether it is from one city to another, or from one country to another - one comes to a pre-determined set of terms to which one is expected to abide in a non-verbal acceptance of these conditions. Speak of Me is a collection of original poetry and non-fiction prose centered on the internal and external processes involved in leaving home: going and growing away. This collection of poems and essays will wrestle with the meaning of 'home,' in both the familiar and the unfamiliar landscapes; it will explore the changes in the traveler as the journey progresses; it will try to come to a new understanding of identity and identification born from these changes. Thus, Speak of Me acts as witness to the complexities of claiming roots and history in a context, as well as those of becoming a part of that context. It is also very much a commentary on language, examining it as an expression of culture and as a portrayal of the linguistic and associative transactions that occur during assimilation into the landscapes of a foreign culture.




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