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This thesis consists of two parts, a complete poetry manuscript and three pieces of professional writing. With a double concentration in Creative Writing and Rhetoric, Composition, and Professional Communication, this two part thesis fulfills the thesis requirements for each area of concentration. The poems in this manuscript combine two different traditions, the lyrical poem with the "seeing" poem. Heavily influenced by translations of Japanese women court poets, these poems are written in a spare style and with attention to the objective aspects of intensely subjective feelings. Many of these poems are also nature poems that center on moon imagery. These poems have some of the attributes of the "seeing" poem. Objects in nature are treated with honor and accorded a consciousness of their own. A careful attention to sound, characteristic of nature poetry, is also present in these poems. Themes within these poems include: the importance of nature, transformation, descent, silence, waiting, and erotic love. Three pieces of professional writing follow the poetry manuscript. These include the narrative portion of an arts related grant written to the Iowa Arts Council for a dance concert, Tribes. A HipOpera, produced by Valerie Williams Co'Motion Dance Theater, a press release about Tribes, and an interview with Valerie Williams and Janice Baker describes and reflects on the process of writing each piece. In addition, each narrative contains an analysis of the rhetorical context of the piece in terms audience, purpose, context, arrangement, and ethos. Each narrative further includes a discussion of the significant ways in which RCPC class work influenced the preparation of these pieces. A complete copy of the final grant is included in the appendix.



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