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Master of Science


Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering


Water Resources

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Udoyara Sunday Tim


Managing livestock operations in an environmentally sound way presents a major challenge to the livestock production industry. Excessive amounts of manure can cause major environmental problems if not properly managed. The contamination of surface and subsurface water supplies due to non-point source pollution from livestock production has increased public concern in regards to large livestock operations. Another source of pollution from livestock facilities is atmospheric pollution in the form of odor. Odorous gaseous, such as carbon dioxide, methane, ammonia, and other gaseous from livestock operations are a health hazard and nuisance to neighboring populations. Analysis of the environmental impacts of livestock production has depended on the use of emerging geospatial information systems as well as biophysical models to predict agricultural non-point source pollution.;The overall goal of this research was to develop a DSS to facilitate analysis and management of environmental problems associated with livestock production. To accomplish this objective, a GIS-based decision support system (DSS) was developed that integrates a multi-criteria site selection model, a biophysical model, and an atmospheric dispersion model into a framework that can assist planners and decision-makers in selecting suitable land areas both for siting livestock operations and for manure application, and to analyze the potential water quality and regional atmospheric consequences of production practices. In this study, LPRDSS was used to assess areas in Taylor County, Iowa for siting large-scale swine confinement operations and to evaluate the impacts on water quality in the Hundred and Two Mile River watershed. The DSS was also used to assess potential regional air quality problems associated with those sites.



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