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The creation of architecture is based on the relationship the designer has with media. Making media requires both a technical proficiency and a capacity to understand how the medium itself informs the architect and the creative work. I will explore through this thesis how the creation of media is not only a metaphor for the process of architecture, but the act of architecture itself. In addition to the making of media, this work will analyze editing media as a provocative interface of design. Finally, this work will focus on digital media-specifically digital video and the opportunities it may have to inform architecture and the education of architects. Based on the assumption that architecture itself is in fact media, the building itself, is merely a by-product of the process undergone through the manipulation of media. Given this perspective, the product can become different based on the media used in its creation. Architectural media can be created in many formats and for the sake of focus this work will concentrate on video, the manipulation of video, and the conceptual link between video editing and the making of architecture. Of the various forms of media that exist in contemporary culture, video and the manipulation of video stand out as an untapped resource for architecture. Architecture has an opportunity to benefit from moving images-how these images inform spatial perception, how the series of images may represent time and how relationships between spaces and ideas can be articulated through this medium. While the visual benefits of video may seem obvious, the way video is constructed offers another way to access an understanding of idea generation.



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