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The causes of exercise induced pulmonary hemorrhage (EIPH) in the horse are unknown. In this study, ribcage restriction was examined as a possible contributing factor using a canine model. Respiratory and cardiovascular changes caused by ribcage restriction were examined during four experiments on six canines: unrestricted ribcage, normal breathing, 2) unrestricted ribcage, doxapram stimulated breathing, 3) restricted ribcage, normal breathing, and 4) restricted ribcage, doxapram stimulated breathing. The feasibility of using doxapram to stimulate a respiratory response similar to an acute exercise plan in pentobarbital sodium anesthetized dogs was investigated. A computerized data acquisition system was used to collect data on several physiological parameters for the duration of each study. Anaerobic arterial blood samples were drawn at critical times, and blood gases, pH, and hematocrit were determined. The use of doxapram to simulate exercise is a novel approach to induce additional stress on the system. The role of ribcage restriction coupled with doxapram stimulated breathing was not correlated to EIPH, although additional physiological stress was clearly demonstrated. Because only six subjects were used in support of this thesis, the results of the studies are not statistically significant.

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