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Master of Fine Arts


Art and Design


Graphic Design


This research addresses the recognizability of icon design in Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) devices. It deals specifically with graphic user interface (GUI) and the effective functionality of the icons on WAP screens by increasing their recognizability. In order to propose recognizable WAP icons, this research reviews a case study that focuses on the logical approach and creative processes used in graphic design. This study consists of a literature review and the procedural development of specific WAP icons. The literature review identifies performance design criteria for WAP icons, both for evaluation and design purposes. In this case study, the process of WAP icon development is broken down into three parts: realization of WAP users' needs, an investigation of images for WAP icons, and the creation for prototypical icons for WAP screens. To investigate images and develop prototypes, a matrix is used. The prototypical WAP icons are evaluated using the performance criteria developed from the literature review. As a result of this WAP icon design process, this study develops WAP icons that can be more functional, recognizable, and standard for WAP screens. Moreover, this research not only suggests prototypical icons for WAP screens but also produces a framework with a logical process and a creative design process that can be applied to further research on WAP icon design and graphic user interface. This study should be understood as the first step of an exploratory study about WAP icon design in the field of graphic design.


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Sung-Phil Choo



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