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Doctor of Philosophy


Educational Leadership and Policy Studies

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Larry Ebbers


The purpose of this study was to assess the academic performance of Iowa Valley Community College District transfer students at the Iowa Regent institutions. The study analyzed the Regent first-term and cumulative GPA of IVCCD students who transferred to a Iowa State University, University of Northern Iowa, and the University of Iowa between 2000 and 2004. Four research questions guided the study: (1) What are the academic characteristics of IVCCD students who transferred to Regent institutions? (2) How did students perform at Regent institutions upon transfer? (3) Did transfer students experience a recovery in GPA at the time of baccalaureate degree attainment? (4) Are there significant differences in Regent first-term GPA based upon Regent institution, community college, sex, community college credits earned, degree vs. non-degree recipient, academic year of transfer, or academic discipline? Student-level data for 755 transfer students was obtained from Transfer Student Academic Performance reports provided by Offices of Admissions at ISU, UNI, and UI. Data analysis was accomplished through the use of demographic characteristics, means, standard deviations, and analysis of variance (ANOVA). Findings of the study indicated that students experienced transfer shock at the senior institution and obtained a Regent first-term GPA that was seven-tenths of a grade point less than their community college cumulative GPA. Students who persisted to graduation from the Regent institutions recovered 0.28 of a grade point from their Regent first-term GPA and achieved an overall GPA that was 0.24 lower than their community college cumulative GPA. ANOVA results revealed that students who transfer from MCC, who are female, and who complete degrees prior to transferring achieve a significantly higher Regent first-term GPA. In addition, students who enrolled in Education and Humanities achieved a higher Regent first-term GPA than those in other disciplines. Recommendations for further study included expanding the study to include all Iowa community colleges, increasing the number and nature of the independent variables, integrating the Regent information into the IVCCD student recordkeeping system, and expanding the study to include private, four-year institutions.



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