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Master of Science


Graphic Design


Educational Flash applications have received the attention of researchers and educators in higher education as a result of the evolution of technology, including high-speed Internet, advanced hardware and software, and the seeking of new learning paradigms from the constructivist's point of view. However, existing educational websites utilizing Flash contain limited interactivity, and few websites have been created which adapt valuable educational theories that sustain and enhance the learning processes that suit the Net generation. The purpose of this study is to examine educational theories which are relevant to current educational contexts and learners and to propose a guideline for developing an educational application. In addition, by providing an educational Flash application, the author discovers potential applications using Flash to enhancing the learning process, based on literature which has been previously discussed. To create the educational Flash application, the author selected the subject, "learning grid systems" for design students in higher education. The validity of this application is examined by learners' evaluations. The guidelines proposed by the author can be utilized by developers and educators to create instructional applications based on valid educational theories. Also, the Flash application as the prototype for this study is an illustration of a higher education use of Flash.

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