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Master of Science


Computer Science


In this thesis, we propose a framework, called Subscription Overlay Network (SON), for real-time Internet TV broadcast, where a subscriber can choose to watch at any time. This framework allows the source server to incrementally build a topology graph that contains the network connections not only from the server to each subscriber, but also among the subscribers themselves. With such topology graph in place, we consider efficient overlay multicast for scalable SON services. We first show that idling nodes, which do not receive video data for their own playback, can actually be used for data forwarding to significantly reduce the cost of overlay multicast. In light of this observation, we then propose a novel overlay multicast technique, which distinguishes itself from existing schemes in three aspects. First, the proposed technique is centered on the topology graph and can take advantage of the actual network connections among the subscribing nodes. Second, the new scheme is able to find and incorporate appropriate idling nodes in multicast to reduce network traffic. Third, with our approach, a node can be used in multiple multicast trees for data forwarding to improve the overall system performance. We evaluate the performance of the proposed technique through simulation. Our extensive studies show that the proposed framework has the potential to enable the Internet, a vehicle up to date mainly for transferring text and image data, for large-scale and cost-effective TV broadcast.

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Jianming Zhou



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48 pages