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Doctor of Philosophy


Electrical and Computer Engineering

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William C. Black

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Robert J. Weber


The focus of this dissertation is the design of a 10 Gbit/s wireline data communication system. The data is sent from the driver chip to the receiver chip on a printed circuit board (PCB). In the GHz frequency range, the parasitic effect of various circuits along the signal path affect the quality of the signal sent. Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) protection, PCB traces and packaging increase the signal loss and distortion;The parasitic effect of ESD protection circuits limits the maximum bandwidth for data transmission. The current high speed driver architectures have the driver circuit directly connected to the chip pads and PCB traces. This causes the chip to be prone to ESD discharge effects. Placing large ESD devices that shunt the output driver to ground, results in their parasitic capacitances acting as low pass filters that severely limit the data transmission rate. The packaging and PCB material are investigated in this project too. An electrical model of the bonding wire is developed through MATLAB RTM and HSPICERTM;In order to increase the data rate, changes in the architecture are performed. The contribution of this project is the introduction of on chip monolithic 4 port RF transformers at the driver and receiver front-end circuits. The transformers act as ESD isolation devices because they filter the low frequency components of the ESD signals before they damage the driver. The driver is physically isolated from the chip exterior. The signal in the driver is conveyed to the traces outside the chip by transformer induction behavior. Spark gap devices are added as ESD discharge paths too. Through investigating several transformer architectures, planar interleaved transformers are fabricated and characterized to have a bandwidth beyond 5GHz needed for suitable data transmission. A design and characterization method of RF transformers by geometric scaling is presented;The transformers are used in the driver and receiver circuit. Through simulation, the improved design proves to increase the bandwidth of the data link significantly.



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Nader Elias Badr



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