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Master of Community and Regional Planning


Community and Regional Planning


Community and Regional Planning


This study brings about a better understanding of the value of citizen participation in planning and its contribution to sustainable development in the City of Mumbai, India. The study analyzes the rationale behind the success of some sustainable development projects versus the failure of some sustainable development projects with respect to project outcomes in the City of Mumbai. In this context, sustainable development projects with similar characteristics and settings were documented and analyzed. The results elucidate that it is undoubtedly citizen participation in planning that leads to positive outcomes of sustainable development projects in the City of Mumbai. Accordingly, the planning process of the City of Mumbai was analyzed to examine if it incorporates citizen participation with efficacy. The results were contradictory to the ideal process of planning in some cases. Accordingly, this study outlines a comprehensive planning process for the city based on the insight from some of the successful projects. Such a process has not been formally outlined and incorporated by the authorities but can be depicted from such successful projects implemented in the city. This will plausibly help in fostering citizen participation in sustainable development thereby resulting in long term sustainability of the city.


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