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Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering


Agricultural Engineering (Food and Process Engineering)


Kernel temperature and moisture content influence the storability of corn (Zea mays). Previous studies showed variability in quality deterioration of commodity corn under different storage temperatures and moisture contents. However, in recent years specialty corn varieties are being grown in the USA and it has become necessary to investigate the storability of these specialty corn hybrids relative to the commodity (conventional) corn varieties. Four specialty corn hybrids, one commodity corn and an oil treated commodity corn were stored at 2 temperature levels (10 and 270 C) and 2 moisture levels (12 and 15 %, wet basis) over 18 months to compare their quality over time. At 100 C storage temperature, there was no difference in the rates of quality deterioration between moisture levels, but the hybrids were different. At 270 C storage temperature, the high oil (Ho) corn deteriorated faster than all the others followed by the high amylose (Ha), and food grade (Fg) corn. The waxy (Wx) corn deteriorated slower than the control. At this temperature, the 15 % moisture corn deteriorated faster than the 12 % moisture corn on all hybrids. In addition, the rate of deterioration was lower on the oil treated corn than the control, indicating preservative effects of adding 400 ppm light mineral oil on corn.


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