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Master of Science


Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering


Civil Engineering (Construction Engineering and Management)


This thesis focuses on adapting existing incentive based pay systems for use in the electrical contracting industry and what the potential advantages would be from implementing these systems. Incentive based pay systems are methods of compensation that reward employees for achieving a defined level of performance or set of goals. This study explores the psychological basis of using monetary compensation to motivate workers, and the development of incentive based pay systems in several industries that are applicable to the electrical contracting industry. The most notable of the reviewed companies is the Lincoln Electric Company. The report examines the best practices in incentive pay systems across all industries including the construction industry, and creates a new incentive pay system for use by electrical contractors. The new system is designed around a fictional company that embodies the traits of the traditional electrical contracting company and the problems they face. Recommendations on tailoring and customizing the designed system for use by any electrical contracting firm are presented. The completed design is then tested using actual data from an operating electrical contracting firm. Statistical methods of evaluating the effectiveness of a new incentive program as well as the potential productivity improvement are included in the thesis.


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