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Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering


Civil Engineering (Construction Engineering and Management)


Effective maintenance management requires knowledge of the inventory and physical condition of the buildings, the performance over time of building components, and the impact of component performance on overall building performance. A condition index rating system is necessary to provide a standard basis for rating current building and component conditions. Unfortunately, the Department of General Service of Iowa has neither a structured objective index rating system for buildings nor a procedure for capably monitoring the effectiveness of applied maintenance and repair. VIIAD is a tool for managing building assets, including inventory, inspection, condition assessment, and replacement budget management features in a Windows[Superscript TM] software environment. To support this effort, project researchers of Vertical Infrastructure Inventory and Assessment have developed condition indices for assessing building condition, thus making the task of inspection and condition assessment uniform and rapid. The VIIAD provides facility managers with a means of performing effective, meaningful maintenance management. By combining engineering, architectural, and management methods and database management technology, the VIIAD is able to facilitate decision support so an optimal level of building maintenance can be planned and accomplished at the lowest cost. The VIIAD also includes the methods for gathering, storing, manipulating, retrieving, and reporting information on building inspection and assessment.


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