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Landscape Architecture


The following plans and report are intended to present a comprehensive system or recreational facilities which the city of Ames will find not only an inspiration in the future, but also an absolute necessity. Preparation now for future development of the city, in a systematic manner, will obviate the necessity of condemning valuable property at a later date, when costs may be prohibitive. Ames has, within or very near its present boundaries, many beautitul spots which, if left in the path of future growth, will be exploited and utterly ruined for public use. Ames has the unique position, in the large classification of small cities, of being a college town. This means that it not only has the regular duties of making the city livable and enjoyable for its citizens, but also the responsibIlity of providing for their health and happiness, which will determine to a great extent its drawing power for prospective students and their families. Ames owes this to Iowa State College because the existence of the city is due to a considerable extent to that institution. The park and recreation plan seeks to include every phase of recreation which should be considered in a city the size of Ames. It is to be looked upon as a definite yet a flexible plan; rather to be worked toward than accomplished immediately. It is ideal in the sense that it is built upon future aspirations. It is practical to the extent of some day becoming a necessity. It is to be followed not implicitly, but in a general way, as a guide rather than a rule, so long as the goal (which is coordination of all elements) is attained.



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