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Master of Fine Arts


Art and Design


Web site design is a new and dynamically growing area in visual communication design. Graphic design discipline was generated with the development of visual communication technologies and continuously reshaped by it. Applying graphic design principles in designing Web site will help establishing an effective visual communication. In this thesis, the author studied the technology of Internet and World Wide Web as well as the needs and behavior of Web users. With these in mind, the design principles and guidelines for Web site design were proposed based on the knowledge of graphic design. It is suggested that simplicity and consistency are the major characteristics of a good Web site design. To achieve this, the information should be grouped and placed into a hierarchical information structure.;The utilization of contrast, reduction, repetition, and metaphor are particularly important in the visualization of the conveying information. The author further supported her points with practical design examples. The designs of two existing Web sites are critiqued. The author also designed one Web site following the design guidelines suggested in this thesis. Major design considerations and decision-makings are explained step by step.



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Shan-Shan Cui



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