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Doctor of Philosophy


Textiles and Clothing

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Jane Farrell-Beck


The purpose of this study is first, to describe the fashion adopted by young women within two different cultures---the United States and Korea---in the 1970s; second, to analyze qualitatively the differences and similarities of the fashion in the two cultures, and third, interpret the reasons for the similarities and differences in historical, cultural, and socio-psychological contexts.;This study adopted a qualitative approach. The procedures were as followings: First, examining magazines and compiling a stimulus set to use during interviews, second preliminary interviews, third sample selection, fourth, data collection, and finally data analysis. For data collection, in-depth interviews with open-ended questions were conducted. A convenience sample of 15 American women and 15 Korean women who were college students in the 1970s, were selected.;Similarities in clothing styles or behaviors between the two cultures found in this study were due to a common "spirit of the times" and the characteristics of the respondents as female adolescence group. At the same time, differences persisted due to the diversity of values as well as the different stages of the fashion industry in the two cultures.;All aspects of culture were closely related to each other and fashion reflects those values. In the United States individualism and masculinity were dominant cultural values revealed in women's adoption of characteristic styles and behaviors. Koreans held onto collectivism and femininity, yet underwent the process of melding traditional and newly adopted values in their acculturation to the West.;The findings of this cross-cultural study will help the area of textiles and clothing to better understand the dynamics in fashion and value changes and provide deeper insights into cultural aspects of fashion.



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