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Doctor of Philosophy


Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering

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R. J. Smith


Egypt has very limited surface water resources, perhaps surprisingly the country has quite plentiful water available from shallow wells. If water could be lifted from these wells, much more of the country could be used for growing crops.;Lack of capital investment and expense of fossil fuels has limited Egypt's ability to use subsurface water. On the other hand, Egypt is ideally situated for using solar Oil, Gas, and Energy;The project has designed a system for pumping water using very few moving parts. A solar collector heats a stream of water to 2 bar abs. This stream is flashed to 1.33 bar abs through an orifice. The small amount of steam that results is passed through an injector that uses a converging diverging nozzle to achieve a supersonic velocity of 1000 m/s. The momentum of the steam is transferred to cold well water that condenses the steam. The high velocity water jet passes through a diverging passage to convert the kinetic energy to pressure. The pressure is a little over 2 bar abs and sufficient to lift the water to the tank that provides the 2 bar pressure on the collector. A fairly detailed simulation of the system has been performed. Regrettably, the encouraging results of the simulation have not been achieved in the experimental validation of the system. The geometry of the injector was poorly understood and the unit was not able to achieve the desired steam velocity of 1000 m/s.



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