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Doctor of Philosophy


Educational Leadership and Policy Studies

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Richard P. Manatt


Effective evaluation and strategies regarding employee performance development have been linked to the endeavors regarding the school improvement reform. Implementing improvement efforts adapted from business and corporations, school organizations are beginning to recognize the integral relationship between an employee's performance and the effectiveness of the educational process. However, there has been scant attention devoted to the improvement and enhancement of educational classified/support personnel.;The purposes of this study were to develop and critique the quality and feasibility of a collection of improvement strategies regarding selected subgroups of classified employees from two districts, Camp Verde (AZ) Unified School District No. 28 and West Des Moines (IA) Community School District. The study was based on the results of the summative evaluation reports (SER) regarding five subgroups of classified/support personnel; (1) special education paraprofessionals/assistants, (2) custodial workers, (3) cafeteria/nutritional workers, (4) bus drivers, and (5) secretaries.;The project included the analysis of the actual SER frequency results by a judgment panel that identified the three most common difficult performance criteria area for each subgroup of classified/support employee. The results obtained from the judgment panel established the basis for the development of the draft compendium of model improvement strategies and the development of the protocol for use procedures. This effort resulted in the initial development of 48 individual professional growth plans (PGPs).;The draft compendium and protocol for use were evaluated and critiqued for quality and feasibility by a focus group. Subsequent revisions made to the compendium included both generic and job-specific responsibilities for special education paraprofessionals/assistants and custodial workers resulting in the development of an additional 11 PGPs. Moreover, to ensure ease of utilization, a disk form of the compendium was incorporated for use by the two districts, the School Improvement Model (SIM) center, and the researcher. The proposed revisions were applied to the compendium, resulting in a final approval by each participating school district.;In addition to implementing the compendium of model improvement strategies for the five subgroups of classified employees, a future suggestion provided by the focus group entailed developing PGPs for the remaining 32 classifications of classified/support personnel within their district.



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