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Doctor of Philosophy


Agricultural Education and Studies

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David Acker


The purpose of this study was to describe and interpret the Agricultural Knowledge and Information System (AKIS) of Havana City Province, Cuba, with particular reference to the role of extension programs in contributing to food security. Specific research objectives were to: (1) describe the AKIS in Havana City Province, (2) identify the role of extension in the AKIS, and (3) develop a model for analyzing the AKIS, which may have utility when studying the AKIS in other countries.;The study was designed using a qualitative research methodology. Specifically, a case study of Havana City Province was conducted. Interviews, participant observation and document review were used to collect data.;Regarding the first research objective, the Cuban AKIS is composed of the government, the Ministries of Agriculture, Science, Technology and Environment, Sugar, Public Health and Higher Education, agricultural stores, educational centers, research institutes, non-governmental organizations, an extension system, and farmers. These operators interact in an environment where the Communist Party as well as the culture and values provide support and influence direction.;Regarding the second research objective, the role of extension in the Cuban AKIS has a social action role to provide food security to the Cuban population. To varying degrees, this role is performed for all the operators listed above. The extension system has proven flexible in responding to challenging circumstances. It has opened opportunities for other operators to participate in and strengthen the AKIS. In regard to the third research objective, a generalized model is proposed by this research. This model may have utility when studying the AKIS in other countries utilizing a holistic approach.;The limitation of the study lies in the fact that this research was conducted in an urban agricultural setting, and the urban agricultural knowledge and information system has particular characteristics that differ from those in rural areas. Therefore, findings cannot be generalized to rural areas in Cuba.



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