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This study attempted to evaluate educational/training programs in terms of utilization of knowledge and skills acquired from the programs at Iowa State University and to examine the degree of use based upon respondents' characteristics, program characteristics, and work settings. The principal units of analysis were individual Thai returnees who attended Iowa State University: their judgements, perceptions, actions, and experiences related to their educational/training programs and work experiences;The research tool for this study was the mailed questionnaire which was devised to explore nine hypotheses. Of the 240 questionnaires administered, a total of 107 or 44.6 percent were available for statistical analysis;Most returnees claimed to use the knowledge and skills acquired from the program in their job situation and to have conveyed their knowledge and skills. The degree of utilization was associated with the returnees' work setting, the educational backgrounds of the employees in returnees' work setting and the adequacy of proper equipment and facilities in the job situation. The degree of use by returnees was also based on the program preparing them for their present job and continued contact their US advisors;The major implications of the data included a need for more correspondence between students, their home country, and American universities in preplanning and planning students' programs in order to make full use of knowledge and skills, closer contact with the home country during their sojourn, and maintaining contact with American professional organizations as well as their former university after graduation;Suggestions for comparative studies of Thai returnees to those from other countries educated at Iowa State University and to Thai returnees educated other universities in the United States were made by the researcher.



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