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The overall objective of this dissertation is to advance the understanding of the factors that motivate housing and education adjustment. There are five specific objectives to investigate the relationship between housing and education applying to deficits, satisfaction, and propensity to adjust both domains. Another objective is to investigate the effect of housing and education satisfaction on the quality of life. The data are based on 485 completed personal interviews collected from urban and rural areas near the Iowa-Nebraska border;The model presented in this dissertation includes five levels of variables. These variables are analyzed in a parallel analysis representing the two domains; housing and education. The main statistical technique utilized is regression and path analysis;The findings indicate that the younger and less satisfied people with their housing and education are the most likely to adjust housing and education. The older people, those who reported few or no housing deficits, and the high income families, are the most satisfied respondents. The respondents most likely to report housing deficits are the younger, low income, and those for whom the importance of housing is low. Also, it is indicated that propensity to adjust education is most likely among those whose assessment of the importance of education is greater. The respondents who are less likely to report education deficits are the healthy respondents. The housing and education domains affect and are affected by each other about equally. This finding is applied to the three sets of variables; propensity to adjust, satisfaction, and deficits;The research is limited in specifying the constraint variables that affect each of the housing and education deficits. The questionnaire items are limited in measuring the education domain but the housing domain is well measured;The present research helps in understanding the equilibrium model applied to the housing adjustment theory and to the education deprivation model. The present research adds a new application of adjustment theory to education. Also, it clarifies the relationship between housing as an area of human and psychological discipline and education.



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