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Doctor of Philosophy


Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering

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John M. Pitt


Corrosion of concrete sewer pipe is an existing problem that faces sewer system allover the world. Sewer pipes are attacked by sulfuric acid that is derived from the biogenic activity or by direct oxidation of hydrogen sulfide from sewerage. Sulfur mortar is a material that proved an excellent resistance to sulfuric acid attack, also, the material showed an excellent bonding, durability and strength properties when bonded with concrete.;This research is a presentation of testing and evaluation performed to modify the existing concrete sewer pipe in order to make it sulfuric acid resistant in sewer systems. Several trials of lining concrete pipes where performed using sulfur mortars, the sulfur mortar liner experienced severe cracking. Polymer modification of the sulfur was a necessary step in order to avoid cracking. Two percentages of the polymer were used, 3 and 5 percent. In addition, trials of reinforcing the sulfur with fiberglass have been studied. The work herein presents the mechanical and engineering properties of the sulfur mortar and modified sulfur mortar. Engineering properties studied in this research include compressive strength effect against aggregate content, bond strength, viscosity characteristics, resistant to sulfuric acid, and shrinkage characteristics.;In addition this research also presents the equipment, manufacturing process, trials of lining the sewer pipe and lessons learned while performing the lining process. This portion of the study was performed to produce a sulfur mortar lined concrete sewer pipes on commercial scale.



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