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Agricultural Education and Studies


The primary purpose of this study was to determine the level of importance and the level of implementation of selected management activities in agricultural teacher education programs as perceived by program leaders and program staff;The population of the study was composed of agricultural teacher educators employed in four-year institutions in the United States whose programs consisted of at least three individuals. Returns were received from 50 agricultural education program leaders and 50 agricultural education program staff, 100 percent of the sample. Along with demographic information, the instrument assessed the level of importance and the level of implementation of five management functions including: planning, organizing, staffing, directing, and controlling. Each of these functions contained four management activities for a total of 20 items rated using a nine-point Likert-type scale. The instrument also asked respondents to rank the importance of five management functions and ten management activities. Statistical procedures used in analyzing the data included frequencies, central tendencies, paired t-tests and one-way analysis of variance;Based on the study it was concluded that: (1) the agricultural education program leaders and staff agreed that all five management functions and the 20 management activities were important in managing an agricultural teacher education program; (2) the agricultural education program staff believed the management functions of staffing, directing, and controlling, and management activities in all five functional areas, were implemented at a lower level in their agricultural teacher education programs than did the program leaders; (3) both the agricultural teacher education program leaders and staff generally agreed that: (a) the functions of planning and staffing were the most important functions; and (b) planning program goals, objectives and policies, and securing support for planned programs were of more importance than the management activities of organizing and using an advisory committee, and instructing new persons about policies and procedures.



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