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To read of the encounter between Christian and Jew is to reflect on a chronicle marked by disharmony and distrust, religious dispute, and social isolation. The first nineteen centuries of the relationship are ones overwhelmed with anguish. When Pope John XXIII convened Vatican Council II, it signaled a new era in a two thousand year old encounter, not only between Catholic and Jew, but between Protestant and Jew as well;This current study views the year 1962, with the beginning of the Council, as a landmark by which to chart the history of Jewish-Christian dialogue. The opening two chapters trace the history of dialogue during the past two decades by surveying the attitudes of Jewish and Christian theologians who have written, either in support of, or in opposition to, theological dialogue;The third chapter sketches the profile of the adult lay participant who would be invited to join in dialogue. Recent studies of adult personality development are compared with the vision of adulthood which emerges from the theologies of the two religions, so as to illustrate the correspondence between the two fields of thought on the qualities which characterize the persons whose faith would be mature enough to take part in dialogue;The fourth chapter outlines the curriculum considerations for adult dialogue. These considerations include an analysis of the subjects to be included in the exchange, and a review of the methodological principles for adult learners in a group setting. Some thoughts are then offered about the appropriateness of evaluating dialogue;The fifth chapter utilizes the conclusions of the earlier chapters as criteria for surveying and evaluating previously published materials which could be utilized in lay dialogue. The results of the survey indicate that no current materials exist which satisfy the criteria. Accordingly, the sixth chapter represents a detailed description of such a curriculum. The curriculum outline describes eleven sessions, and includes a listing of session objectives, a summary of readings for each, and suggested strategies for reaching the objectives. The Appendix to the work contains the packets of readings for two sessions, demonstrating how such material could be organized for the dialogue.



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