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There were three purposes of this study. The first was to examine the current status of administrators' use of selected recruitment activities in small and medium sized school districts. The second was to examine the relative strength of some perceived reasons teachers in selected shortage areas gave for accepting employment in those districts. The third purpose was to determine if significant correlational relationships exist between the recruitment activities and reasons given by teachers in shortage areas for accepting employment in their present districts;Two instruments were designed to gather data for the study. An administrator instrument presented 27 possible recruitment activities which were rated as to each item's actual use by the administrator responsible for the district's recruitment effort. The administrators were asked to list teachers accepting employment within the past three years in the following shortage areas: industrial arts, vocational agriculture, mathematics, science, and learning disabilities. A teacher instrument was sent to the teachers designated on the returned administrator instrument. This instrument was designed to determine the perceptions of the respondents as to the importance of each of 45 possible reasons that they might have had for choosing employment in their respective districts. The most important reasons cited by the teachers in this sample included the following (in decreasing order of importance): spouse's job (where it applies), friendliness of administration, discipline, salary, facilities, personal growth, philosophy of school, competence of staff, chance to use special skill, friendliness of staff, and teacher load;Four of the five null hypotheses tested were rejected. It was found that there were significant differences between the reasons small district and medium sized district shortage area teachers gave for accepting employment in the places they did. In addition, it was found that there were significant differences in the ways that teachers in each of the five shortage area disciplines responded to the teacher instruments. The dollar figure spent per student enrollment for recruitment by the districts was significantly more for small than for medium sized school districts. Correlations were found between many of the recruitment activities and the reasons teachers gave for accepting employment in their districts.



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