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Industrial Education and Technology


The impact of the historical role of women, the economic pressures on health care delivery systems, and the relationship of traditional medicine to professional nursing education are demonstrated. Additionally, the political activities of the members of the emerging profession of nursing were examined in relation to their effect upon the development of professional nursing education in Iowa;The research documented the emergence of professional nurse education in Iowa from its earliest prescience apprenticeship system to its current emphasis on preparatory education in science, psychology, sociology, and education. Specific Iowa schools of nursing are listed for the early, middle, and later periods of development of professional nursing education;The role of the professional nurses' organization, in relation to the development of professional nursing education in Iowa, was documented. Early nursing leaders in Iowa are identified. The development of professional nursing education in Iowa is reflected in light of the development of professional nursing education in the United States;The need to understand the history of nursing education in Iowa, in order to better plan future educational programs, establish minimum requirements, and improve professional nursing practice has been presented. The need to identify one specific entry level into professional practice and to articulate the desired roles of nurses has been identified as necessary for the future of nursing and nursing education. Heterogeneity of educational preparation for the practice of nursing has been identified as a possible detriment to the development of nursing as a profession;Historically, nursing education programs have been implemented as a reaction to local, short term needs of health care facilities. Statewide planning for the development of nursing education programs, to insure quality delivery of health services, has been recommended.



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