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The purpose of this study was to determine to what extent supervised occupational experience instructional materials (SOE packet) were being utilized, and to identify the teacher and situational variables that inhibited or stimulated diffusion of the materials into vocational agriculture programs;Data were collected from a representative sample of vocational agriculture instructors in Iowa during the beginning of the 1980-81 school year, two years after initial introduction of the SOE instructional materials. The instruments used were: (1) a questionnaire to collect personal and situational data, (2) a diffusion scale designed to produce a summated score to measure the degree of utilization of the SOE packet by the instructors, and (3) an attitude scale designed to yield a summated attitude score to measure teacher attitude toward vocational agriculture supervised occupational experience programs;Major findings of the study were: (1) A significant relationship existed between teacher attitude and diffusion of the SOE packet. (2) The relationship between administrators' attitude toward SOE as perceived by the instructors and diffusion of the SOE packet was significant. (3) A significant relationship existed between farm enrollment and school enrollment. (4) The six variables studied accounted for only sixteen percent of the variation in the diffusion of the SOE packet. Therefore, these variables are weak in predicting the diffusion of the SOE packet;Recommendations based on the findings are as follows: (1) Vocational agriculture teachers with a strong favorable attitude toward SOE should be consciously and deliberately identified and used in developing SOE instructional materials. Involvement of such teachers in conducting related inservice education should also be practiced. (2) Special efforts should be made on the state level by the Department of Public Instruction and on the local level by the vocational agriculture teacher to keep school administrators abreast of the role of SOE in vocational agriculture and new developments related thereto. (3) Additional research is needed to identify the variables that stimulate and inhibit diffusion of curriculum materials into vocational agriculture programs.



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