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Doctor of Philosophy


Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering


Water Resources


This dissertation provides information about hydrologic modeling including some new developments applied to a mass balance hydromodel. It was applied to a new location in Northwest Iowa. It introduces unique formulations of several important hydrological processes, all included in the hydromodel. A brief description is made of the advancement of scientific hydrology during the past and present centuries, and some fundamental concepts are given for surface and groundwater movement. The necessary processes and definitions for probabilistic rules are described and rainfall data analyses are completed for the study area;The study includes application of computerized approaches to solve the desired stochastic and deterministic relationships and shows the ways and means of using statistical methods in rainfall-runoff determination. The study also describes the mass-balance hydromodel components, and introduces the relevant processes. The development, calibration and testing of the hydromodel necessitates achieving a balance of the total water input and output in a closed system. It casts light also on the groundwater table fluctuations of a surficial aquifer, using a designated basin in northwest Iowa, namely the Floyd River Basin at Alton. The outstanding hydrological aspects of the basin are evaluated, and the surface water and groundwater interactions in this basin are computed on the basis of deterministic and stochastic phenomena. The study concludes with a comprehensive discussion including the conclusions and recommendations about the newly developed hydromodel and future use of the model in additional applications.



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