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Agricultural Education and Studies


This study reflects an encompassing international project originated in the Fall of 1977 as the first international agricultural education venture of the Department of Agricultural Education at Iowa State University. In coordination with Ahfad University College for Women, an institution of higher education in Omdurman Sudan, the project revolved around the introduction and teaching of basic applied agriculture as part of the home science curriculum at AUCW;The purpose of the study was to investigate the effectiveness of an agricultural instructional model of basic vegetable production presented to the second and fourth year classes at Ahfad University College in Omdurman. While the project as a whole aimed to improve the diets of the students and their families, to educate the students to economical means of food production and self-sufficiency, and to be diffused at the village level, the objectives of the study focused more specifically on the attitude and knowledge of the student sample toward agriculture and the changes that occurred as a result of the treatment;The research procedure in this study involved a one-group pretest-posttest design. The sample for this study consisted of the second and fourth year students enrolled in the home science curriculum at AUCW; there was a total of 32 students. Because there were two classes, a replication of treatment was possible to further substantiate the findings;The instructional model of basic vegetable production was developed as part of the project and was administered as a college course titled "Food Production in the Kitchen Garden" as the treatment. A survey was taken before and after the treatment to assess attitude and knowledge of agriculture prior to and following the instruction. Three instruments were developed to collect the research data; (1) a questionnaire to elicit personal information on students' educational and family backgrounds and students' occupational plans; (2) an inventory to measure student knowledge of agriculture; and (3) a scale to quantify students' attitudes toward agriculture. Data collection took place during the academic year 1978-79 at Ahfad University College for Women in Omdurman;The findings of this research identified characteristics of Sudanese students at AUCW, determined positive change in attitude and knowledge of agriculture after the treatment, and revealed relationships among the variables. The findings of the study indicated that the instructional model in agriculture was effective and successful in increasing women's knowledge and skills in food production and fostering a more favorable attitude toward agriculture in general.



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