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The purpose of this study was to extend the research related to absenteeism and to test the effects of a non-monetary incentive plan based on daily, weekly, and monthly reinforcement schedules. Three main sections comprise the study. The workers represented three work schedule classifications: full-time; part-time, single shift; and part-time, split shift. Work absence rates and rates of absence frequency were computed on each worker in the study (N = 101) and the classification groups were compared with an analysis of variance to determine if the groups differed on these measures. It was found that absenteeism was unrelated to worker classification;In the second section, the workers were compared on the basis of absenteeism related to an attendance incentive program. The absences during the non-incentive period were compared to absences during the incentive program for the same workers. A significant difference was found in rate of absence frequency between the two periods;The third section was an investigation dividing the total group into high absence frequency workers and low absence frequency workers. An analysis of variance was used to compare the high and low absence groups as to the effect of an incentive program designed to reduce absenteeism by positive reinforcement. There was a significant lowering of the rate of absence frequency for the high absence workers;In addition to the three main sections, additional relationships were examined comparing absence rates with sex of the workers, tenure and age of the workers, and fluctuations by day of the week. Significant differences were found in age and sex groups and inconsistently for tenure depending on which absence measure was used. No difference in absence frequency was found when the days of the week were compared. The study was conducted on school vehicle drivers and implemented by the supervisors of the transportation department in a midwestern urban school district.



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