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A major hypothesis underlying this study is that the first fundamental issue of socio-economic development in Sudan's Jonglei Development Projects Area (JPA) is identification and selection of an appropriate rural development strategy that is consistent with aspirations of the inhabitants and national goals. Once an appropriate rural development strategy is selected, the second fundamental issue of socio-economic development is institution of the requisite agrarian structure and institutions.;This study develops the "means-ends continuum" analytical framework for identifying, selecting and implementing appropriate rural development strategies, and applies this framework to the JPA. Within this framework, linear programming models are developed and applied to the JPA to supplement and quantify the analysis. The current policy debate on the efficacy of the "improvement approach" and the "transformation approach" to rural development in the JPA is discussed within the analytical framework and applications of this study.;The study concludes that development programs based on the "improvement approach", such as the IRD projects currently under implementation in the JPA, will likely end up merely containing and managing poverty and misery in the area. A rural development strategy that aims at going beyond "misery management" in the JPA must seek to incorporate: (1) development of modern drainage and irrigation works, (2) introduction of specific mechanical power technology, (3) introduction of new forms of land tenure and firm organization, and (4) spatial reorganization of the countryside into compact villages.;The study recommends that the Executive Organ and the Regional Ministry of Agriculture maintain active interest in "transformation approach" projects, such as the planned Jonglei Irrigation Project and Penykou Plain Development Project. It is further recommended that the National Council for Development of the JPA form an interdisciplinary planning team to use the framework and procedures developed in this study to identify and select an appropriate rural development strategy for the JPA and to recommend on ways and means of implementing programs based on the selected strategy.



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