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Agricultural Education and Studies


The primary purpose of this study was to determine the level of importance and the level of effectiveness of the training program at the National Swine Research and Training Center (NSRTC) as perceived by the former participants, especially as it related to the role of the NSRTC in developing swine production in Thailand;The population of the study was composed of all former participants of the training program during 1977-1980 (4th through 12th classes) who were categorized as farmers, agricultural teachers, and government officials. The data were collected from a stratified random sample of 77 farmers by personal interviews, whereas usable responses to mail questionnaires were obtained from 26 (100 percent) of selected teachers and 46 (92 percent) of selected wardens. Each of three instruments which were basically the same was used to obtain information from respondents in each category. Along with demographic information, the instrument assessed the worth and effectiveness of the program. Information which will aid in the program improvement was also collected through the instruments. Statistical procedures used in analyzing the data included frequencies, central tendency, chi-square, paired t-test, and one-way analysis of variance;Based on the study, it was concluded that: (1) the program affected the improvement of swine production in Thailand in some aspects, (2) the program that dealt with increasing of participants' competencies in swine production was a success to some degree, (3) the activities that were used in the program were effective in increasing the competencies, (4) the program that dealt with the utilization of modern practice in swine production was a success in the technological aspects, (5) the program was being conducted to meet the needs and desires of the audience, and (6) there is a definite need for further training in most of the subject areas which related to technological knowledge in swine production for Thailand.



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