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Industrial Education and Technology


The problem of the study was to determine the significant characteristic qualities which constituted the nature and extent of formal in-plant skills and technical training in selected public utility and manufacturing companies that had 500 or more employees in the United States. The nature and extent of the skills and technical training were defined to include: (1) the goals of investment in training; (2) the variables that influenced training decision; (3) the cost of training per hour per trainee; (4) the number of skills and technical trainees per year; (5) the man-hours of training per year; (6) the methods and techniques of training; (7) the location of training facilities; (8) the linkages of the skills and technical training with public education; (9) the number of instructors; (10) the types of government support utilized in skills and technical training;The data for the study were supplied by 86 companies through the responses of their contact persons for training, to a mailed questionnaire. The data were analyzed with respect to, among other variables, the companies' classifications and sizes;A series of t-test and single classification analysis of variance results determined that there were differences at the .05 level between the two sets of companies and also among the three sizes of companies in regard to: (1) the goals of investment in training; (2) the estimates of money spent in skills and technical training during the previous year; and (3) the variables that influenced training decisions. The results also determined that, regardless of company classification and size, the three variables that were important in making training decisions were: (1) skills shortages; (2) emerging technology; and (3) company growth. Furthermore, factor analysis as well as the results of multiple regression analysis F-tests determined that the levels of usage of six training methods and techniques were related to a set of five predictor variables.



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