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This study was designed to determine if evaluators trained in specific components of clinical supervision and teacher performance evaluation will be more effective teacher evaluators. Effectiveness was measured by paired t analysis of data gathered at administrative workshops in the Des Moines Independent School District during the 1981-1982 school year;Effectiveness of the training was also examined by measuring teachers' perceptions of supervision and evaluation and evaluators' learning style was determined to examine its effect on the effectiveness of the training;A one-group pretest-posttest design was used in this study. One hundred twenty-five subjects make up the group under investigation, all having some responsibility for performance evaluation in the Des Moines Schools. Specific evaluation skills analyzed were: lesson plan analysis, data capture in the classroom observation, conference techniques, and writing of a summative report;Findings of the analysis revealed significant differences in lesson plan analysis following training. Evaluators differed signficantly from a panel of experts before the training, however after training in lesson plan analysis there was no significant difference, on any items, between evaluators and experts. Evaluators had greater success in gathering data from a classroom observation after training, as indicated by higher frequencies of "right" answers, identified by a panel of experts. Evaluators became more proficient in supervisory conference skills after training. There was more agreement among evaluators in identification of these skills as well;Although supervision/evaluation, as perceived by teachers did not improve after evaluators had been trained, teachers perceived evaluators as less dominant and hostile and more agreeable and nurturant in the supervisory conference, after the training. Evaluators rated a teacher, in a videotape simulation, below standard on all items on a summative evaluation report, before and after training. When compared to a panel of experts, they rated all items but one lower as well. Evaluators in the Des Moines Independent Community School District were found to be primarily concrete/sequential learners. The training program, on the whole, was effective.



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