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Agricultural Education and Studies


The purpose of the study was to evaluate an instructional packet on supervised occupational experience (SOE) placement programs for vocational agriculture. The research procedure was experimental with a posttest control group design. The independent variable manipulated by the researcher was the degree to which teachers had access to the instructional packet. Two levels of the experimental variable were used: (1) the experimental treatment group was provided the instructional packet; and (2) the control treatment group was provided a list of problem areas, study questions, suggested references, and learner needs outlined in the instructional packet. Teachers in the control group were instructed to use the materials and methods they would ordinarily use to teach sophomore students about SOE placement programs;Six instruments were developed to collect the research data: (1) a student data questionnaire; (2) a teacher data questionnaire; (3) a SOE placement program knowledge inventory; (4) a SOE placement program attitude inventory; (5) a SOE placement program planning inventory, and (6) an instructional packet evaluation form. School means were used as the experimental units; the main statistical procedures employed were t-tests and analysis of variance;Major findings of the study were: (1) Experimental group teachers spent significantly more days teaching students about SOE placement programs ((alpha) = .01). (2) No significant difference existed between treatment groups for SOE placement program knowledge scores, SOE placement program attitude scores, nor SOE placement program planning scores. (3) Significantly higher knowledge scores were achieved by: students living on a farm than by those living in a city or town ((alpha) = .01), students with production SOE programs than those with on-farm placement SOE programs ((alpha) = .01), students with occupational aspirations in production agriculture than those undecided about their occupational plans ((alpha) = .05), students that planned to continue their formal education than by those who did not ((alpha) = .01). (4) Students desiring employment experience in production agriculture possessed a more positive attitude toward SOE placement programs than students interested in agricultural processing ((alpha) = .01). (5) Students with off-farm SOE programs achieved significantly higher program planning scores than students with no SOE program ((alpha) = .01).



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