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Doctor of Philosophy


Educational Leadership and Policy Studies

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Richard P. Manatt


The purpose of this study was to identify emerging technology issues which American K--12 public school boards of education should consider. This study invoked a process for identifying current and emerging technology issues that were germane to board policy development. A Delphi technique was chosen as the method to engage a 14-member judgment panel from across the country in a Web-based review of issues associated with a continued rise in access and use of communication and information technologies as well as new and emerging technologies. Panel members rated the importance of identified issues with respect to whether there was merit in having it addressed by a school board policy.;Fifty-one issues were identified. Twenty-five from the research and current literature and 31 were suggested additions by panel members. Three rounds of ratings were accomplished using a custom-built Web site. Panel members could anonymously communicate opinions and position for each issue in each round. The mean ratings of the panel members were used as indicators of the degree of importance of the issue for boards of education. The standard deviation and interquartile difference were indicators of consensus.;The findings grouped highly rated issues around the three general areas: protecting the district's ability to make decisions regarding the use of technology resources by staff and students; protection and safety of students in the cyber-community through education, filtering and appropriate monitoring of school web-publishing; and the impact and issues associated with virtual learning on the public schools.;Boards of education need to review current policies which may be fine for a paper-based society, but inadequate in the information/communication age. Acceptable uses of the publicly funded resources must be clearly communicated to students and staff. Administrators need the guidance of the board of education in order for practices to be uniformly implemented. It is recommended that a communication plan accompany policy changes.



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