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The purpose of this study was to compare the learning outcomes of two computer-assisted instruction (CAI) strategies: drill and practice and simulation. These strategies related specifically to an orthographic projection lesson. Students enrolled in the four sections of freshman engineering during the spring semester 1984 at Iowa State University were the subjects for the study. These students were randomly assigned to either the drill and practice lesson or the simulation strategy. These lessons were completed by the students as part of their regular course work. The cognitive learning style of field dependence independence was also examined as part of this study through the Group Embedded Figures Test (GEFT);It is theorized that individuals who are field dependent have difficulty imposing structure on an unorganized perceptual field. By providing these students a more structured learning environment, it was conjectured the difference between field dependent and field independent students might be eliminated;The results of this study indicated there was no significant difference between the posttest achievement scores of the two CAI strategies; nor was there a difference between the scores of males and females' scores. The interaction between treatment (CAI strategy) and cognitive learning style (field dependency) was also not significant;The interaction of CAI strategy and sex was found to be significant. The males and females who completed the drill and practice strategy had very similar scores, but the females completing the simulation lesson scored lower than the males. The three-way interaction of sex, CAI strategy and field dependency was also significant. Field dependent females who were assigned the simulation strategy had lower scores than the field dependent males of the same strategy. They also had lower scores than the field dependent students assigned the drill and practice strategy. The field independent student scores did not differ between CAI strategy or sex.



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