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The purpose of this study was to assess the needs of faculty advisors at Iowa State University (ISU) in advising foreign graduate students from developing nations. Through a systematic sample, 600 Iowa State University graduate faculty members were surveyed by means of a questionnaire which was mailed to them;The findings of this study indicated that faculty advisors perceive that they have special needs in terms of advising foreign graduate students. Additionally, in many instances they believe that they need more information about their foreign advisees than they do about United States advisees in order to advise them effectively. Similarly, certain traits, behaviors, and characteristics important in advising United States graduate students are needed to a greater extent when advising a foreign student. Also determined through this research was that faculty advisors desired to have information about the role and function of the foreign student advisor in order to more effectively advise foreign students. Those surveyed indicated that they would find printed information and orientation sessions on advising foreign students useful to them;In general, graduate faculty advisors realize that advising foreign students requires special skills and knowledge. They are committed to providing the best academic advice possible by drawing upon their own experiences, attending information meetings on advising foreign students, and working with the foreign student advisor.


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