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The purpose of this study was to examine how black female athletic administrators perceived their roles in athletic administration, and to investigate and identify characteristics related to job satisfaction of these women at historically black colleges and universities. Questionnaires were sent to female athletic administrators at 105 black colleges and universities;The chi-square test of independence was employed to test frequencies between advanced degrees attained, types of institutions attended, majors of degrees, divisions or conferences, and career aspirations. The t-test was employed to test differences between additional formal academic training, sex of directors and age group. The analysis of variance was employed to test differences between levels of parents' education, salaries, job satisfaction and age differences;Findings of this study indicated that black female athletic administrators whose fathers had a college education were more satisfied with their employment at black colleges and universities. There was a significant difference in job satisfaction of female athletic administrators depending on size of staff and time spent on duties such as teaching and advising, coaching, etc. Female administrators who spent less than ten percent of their time teaching, advising and performing committee work were the most satisfied in the area of athletic administration at black colleges and universities;There was a significant difference among female administrators in years of experience and career aspirations. Findings revealed that no significant differences in job satisfaction existed between any of the groups with respect to mother's educational level, advanced degrees attained, type of institutions attended, majors, divisions, salary ranges, or influence in the decision-making process;Findings revealed that black female athletic administrators were largely a homogeneous group. In relation to job satisfaction, they tended to be uniformly satisfied with their employment at historically black colleges and universities.



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