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The purpose of this investigation was to determine behaviors of the master teacher and identify factors that have caused states to adopt career ladder plans. Research from effective teaching, states that have passed legislation endorsing career ladder plans, and competencies in Pro*file were sources used for this study. One related study was also used as a review;Twenty-six behaviors were found to define the master teacher. Twenty-four of these behaviors are associated with the CATE/S (Computer Assisted Teacher Evaluation/Supervision) program resulting from the cross-tabulation of behaviors that appeared to be consistent in most sources. Three states provided criteria beyond that for effective performance. The state of Missouri described exemplary performance; California provided criteria for nominating mentor teachers; and New Jersey provided criteria for recognizing master teachers. In addition, twenty attributes were found;Master teachers are brighter and more dedicated than the average. They are better organized and more efficient classroom managers, and better prepared and more thorough in the way they teach. Student achievement gains result from efficient daily planning, thorough planning, thorough preparation, and high expectations that challenge students to achieve until they reach their potential. They possess superior knowledge of their subject matter and superior skills in teaching, having the ability to cause learning. They are clearly recognized among their colleagues as leaders who are willing and able to share their expertise as well as assist other teachers in professional development;Three factors were identified causing states to endorse a career ladder concept. These factors were: (1) action taken prior to the national reports; (2) the influence of Governor Lamar Alexander; and (3) reactions to the national reports.



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