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The importance of the school administrator to the success of educational technology initiatives is well documented in the literature. During the last twenty years numerous recommendations have been released concerning the roles a school administrator should fill to increase the success rate of a technology initiative. These culminated with the publication of the National Educational Technology Standards for Administrators (NETS-A) by the International Society for Technology in Education in 2001. This case study describes the actual roles and actions taken by an exemplary school administrator during the technology implementation process, provides a comparison to literature and the NETS-A, and discusses implications for practice and future research.;The subject was a principal who has been recognized for his leadership in the area of educational technology. Interviews were conducted with the principal, teacher focus groups, and an Area Education Agency technology consultant to gather information about the actions of the principal and how they impacted the school and technology program. Other data sources included newspaper articles, technology conference programs, and technology team documentation collected from school, community, and county resources.;These data were analyzed and six themes emerged: encouraging and fostering collaboration, providing leadership from all levels, having and sharing a joint vision related to these efforts, recognizing and understanding the impact of change on the educational system, learning about and understanding the impact of technology on the educational system, and identifying and managing teacher issues. This case study presents the story of the educators of Cardinal Elementary during the introduction and implementation of their technology program.



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