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The major purpose of this exploratory study was to examine the effects of a site-based, peer coaching inservice model. A single-group, interrupted time-series design was utilized. The data were gathered from eleven teachers from two secondary schools in central Iowa during the 1984-85 school year. The treatment was a structured inservice training unit focusing on teacher questioning strategies using peer coaching to enhance teacher effectiveness;Principals from both schools received training on questioning strategies and peer coaching before conducting building-level inservice for teachers. After the workshop, teachers practiced questioning skills in their classrooms while coaching each other. The data for the study were gathered from audio-tapes of classroom lessons and self-reports of teacher's perceptions of their experiences. Questions from each audio-taped lesson were rated for effective use of ten questioning strategies. Teachers' perceptions were reported via structured interviews after the study;Findings supported the use of the model for delivery and use of inservice training. Teachers increased their questioning effectiveness after the treatment with most improvement in using wait-time and probing for clarification. Teachers reported their improvement was most influenced by practicing, observing colleagues, and receiving feedback. Teachers preferred this approach to inservice training over their experiences with a more typical approach--presentation of theory. Teachers reported being more positive about aspects of collegial relations and professional growth after their participation in the activities of the model. Of ten teachers interviewed, nine said they would choose to participate in a similar approach to inservice if given the opportunity;The Site-based, Peer Coaching (SBPC) inservice model showed promise for training teachers. Teachers not only increased their questioning effectiveness in their classrooms, but they preferred the SBPC approach to inservice training. Teachers rated the components of the model that comprise peer coaching most influential in their improvement and reported that the activities may have positively affected their perceptions of collegial relations and professional growth. Inservice training conducted by the building principal followed by practice and peer coaching was an effective way of increasing teachers' effectiveness.



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