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This dissertation is an attempt to understand the relationship between scientific, social, ideological and organizational factors and the process of knowledge creation, evaluation, and diffusion of ideas in international agricultural research centers (IARCs). Data for the analysis came from 108 senior and middle level scientists working in two major IARCs;The dissertation follows the four article format. The first paper deals with the research problem selection. Several criteria of problem choice are examined, which include purely scientific, reward consideration and organizational priority. The results indicate that problem choice is more likely to be influenced by organizational consideration and societal problems than by reward considerations or by desire to extend certified knowledge;The second paper addresses the issue of work alienation. The analysis reveals that native scientists and younger scientists are more alienated. The results further indicate that decentralization of power coupled with higher formalization, healthy climate and supportive leadership behavior create lower work alienation;The third paper is devoted to understanding the effects of bureaucratization on organizational climate and leadership behavior. The results suggest that decentralization of power creates healthy climate and encourages supportive leadership. On the other hand a higher degree of formalization does not seem to be harmful for effective climate;The last paper focuses upon the publication productivity. The results reveal that older scientists are more productive than younger scientists. Those scientists who besides research spend some time in other activities such as teaching, administration, extension and consultation tend to write more publications. Also those who are basic research oriented publish more. A higher degree of participation in decision making coupled with a lower formalization tends to increase publication productivity of agricultural scientists.



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